Notebook mobile devices

Do you need a repair for your laptop?

We are a competent, specialized team and are available to you with advice and action. Even if you already have an offer from the manufacturer, a comparison will be worthwhile. We repair independent of manufacturer and it does not matter where the device was bought. Our system price is generally more than half cheaper than replacing the components of the manufacturer.

We offer a complete service around your notebook.

Display repairs are available at our system price.

Mainboard repair in our company is primarily based on chip-level.

Due to our large availability of spare parts, the repair time is normally about 1 week.

The data on your hard drive is sacred to us.

Our specialist workshop is equipped with state-of-the-art technical equipment, which is also required to carry out complicated mainboard and display repairs. Even with moisture damage we achieve very good repair results.

We will provide you with a non-binding cost estimate based on our system price list. Of course, your device will not be repaired until you approve the cost estimation. We will then send the device back for a shipping fee of € 15,47.

On our service you receive a 1-year repair guarantee!

Possible mistakes:
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Unser Betrieb ist auf die Reparatur von elektronischen Geräten spezialisiert und mit entsprechendem technischem Equipment ausgerüstet. Weiterhin können wir bei PC's und Notebooks Software Störungen beseitigen.

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